guilhem all

Indus rotatif, musique concrète approximative   




We are two live solo projects between hand-crafted electroacoustic music and sound/visual art installation

LES LUMIERES (Rennes, France)
Electronics, feedback, lights

Les Lumières is a project built around a few independant sound oscillators reacting to light and forming a sort of polyphonic synthesizer. First thought as a low tech music instrument, the project shifted toward direct experimentation with the architectural, environmental or stage situation in a way that opens up a big range of non-deterministic sonic possibilities. Depending on the spaces, the artificial lighting or the time of the day, the project can evolve from an interactional sound art installation to a more primitive "son et lumière" performance blending sharp audio-visual rythms with the aural capabilities of square waves.


GUILHEM ALL  (Brest, France)
Turntable, Indus Électroacoustic

Guilhem All has built a musical universe forged through his experiences in the underground spheres of the free, punk and improv scenes. His music oscillates between approximative industrial and defective electroacoustic and weaves along the line of an improvised journey from which we only know the point of departure : a crafted installation made out from 3 orange and yellow turntables, the ones in plastic because "its sounds better". Through an accurate blend of sound effect records and uncommon textures, his performances are an invitation to intimate immersion where layers, loops and rustling sounds are spanning in a will to share an abstract and imaginary vision.